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Being on a small island, available space is always at a premium. For several years the airport had been experiencing problems with not enough available space for parking general aviation and commercial aircraft.

When an Expression of Interest document was issued for interested parties to help them solve the problem, Aircraft Servicing (Guernsey) Ltd teamed up with Architects and Chartered Surveyors, Robert W Le Page, MRICS, FCIOB, FCABE, FASI, FBEng, FIPD and they were successful in providing a scheme for maximizing the area available to accommodate the largest number of general aviation aircraft within a unique shaped hangar as well as some outside parking.

The unique ‘L’ shaped hangar with a radius shaped end was designed to tuck into a corner of the airfield between two other hangars and can accommodate up to about 30 aircraft, not only parked normally within the hangar but some also raised to a second level near the underside of the roof on specially-designed lifts.  Ancillary to the hangar is a pilot and passenger lounge, briefing room and toilet facilities.

The hangar, constructed by John Reid & Sons Ltd of Christchurch, is of a traditional steel frame, insulated and with an external cladding of uPVC-coated profile steel sheeting, the large hangar doors being finished in the same product.  The floor is of reinforced concrete, power float and floor paint finish. The external apron areas are of bitmac.

The hangar, now in use, has enabled aircraft to be vacated from a large grass area, enabling further development to take place for commercial aircraft parking.

The landside areas of the hangar are being used for car parking and this will be heavily landscaped, screening the hangar from the public roadway.