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Aero Club

Guernsey Aero Club

The Guernsey Aero Club and hangar and apron complex was originally designed back in 1978/1979 with construction of the original building being undertaken late 1979 and being completed early 1980.

The complex comprised the Aero Club with bar and social areas as well as office and flying training areas. The adjacent hangar complex is home for 11 general aviation aircraft.

Since the original construction, further improvements have been carried out over the years including improving drainage, surfacing the car park areas and in more recent years the construction of an extension at the northern end of the Clubhouse being adjacent to the taxiways and runways. This extension enabled the flying training facilities to be extended on the ground floor with the main club room and social areas extended on the first floor, together with a large deck level balcony which had been designed to enable use from one end of the runway to the other to be gained as well as use of most taxiways.

The design of the premises serve well for this very active members club.

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